The Wainwrights Pocket Log is a very small and classy note book which has been customised for Lakeland Fell-Walkers. The suede-style texture of the cover and the gold trimmings give it a stylish retro feel. The contents are in black & white, with the fells arranged alphabetically within the seven sections of the 214 Wainwrights. Its size is its charm but also its advantage. Full size log books expect a lot more to be written than is helpful to most people, take up space and can't be easily carried. Wall charts don't allow for notes and aren't mobile either. Smartphone apps are efficient but, well, we don't think AW would have approved... So this is it! All you need to carry with you for the next week/year/retirement.

The Wainwrights Pocket Log

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  • Here it is - a handy and stylish way to record your Wainwright ascents as you weave your way around all 214 glorious Lakeland Fells. Measuring only just over 10cm long, it will slide easily into any pocket, bag .. or nook or cranny in your car - which means that you never have to be far away from your personal fell-walking memories and achievements ever again!



    - a note-taking page for each of Alfred Wainwright's 214 fells

    - height information, background image and quirky fact for each

    - a full listing with tick boxes for quick reference of what you've done

    - a progress chart on which you can record your running total


    The Wainwrights Pocket Log is everything you need in the format you need it - no wall or desk space required! Just a few notes for each fell will bring all those memories flooding back every time you flick through it.




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