Top 52 Playing Cards have all the integrity of a traditional pack of cards with the added attraction of providing Hillbaggers with a fresh list of hills to wade though. The four usual suits have been matched with Munros, Corbetts, Wainwrights and Welsh Hewitts, providing a balanced range of Britain's finest mountains. The selection is based on those hills which receive the highest ratings and reviews from hill-walkers including online walking sites and of course other trusted sources such as Wainwright's guides. So you may not see the most famous, most-walked or most-popular mountains in the pack! These are the hills that seasoned Hillwalkers consider to be the best in the land - Enjoy!

Top 52: Hillbaggers Playing Cards

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  • Top 52 has everything a traditional pack of playing cards has with the bonus of providing details of the best hills (according to Hillwalkers) that Scotland, England and Wales has to offer - 13 of each in the categories of Munros, Corbetts, Wainwrights and Welsh Hewitts.


    Controversial? Possibly! Good fun? Definitely! Whether you agree with the selection or not, there is no doubt our ratings formula has delivered a fabulous list of mountains that all Hillwalkers should climb (or get as close as possible to!) in their lifetimes.

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