Top Welsh celebrates all the Welsh 3000s and many other mountains from across the country. Snowdonia naturally features prominently in this pack of 33 but the rest of Wales has not been left out! Surprise yourself with how much you do and don't know. The game follows a simple Trumps format with criteria including height, ascent, route distance, popularity, difficulty and Summit-to-Pub distance!

Top Welsh Mountain Trumps

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  • Top Welsh contains 100x62mm plastic coated trumps cards featuring 33 Welsh mountains selected mostly by height but with an eye on geographical distribution and popularity. The pack allows for 2 or 3 players to play easily. The cards arrive wrapped in cellophane in a laminated tuck box for added protection. Full instructions are included. Each card features a photograph of a Welsh mountain and six key facts/criteria about that hill and a potential route to climb it. The card reverses feature range maps so you can check the location of the summit within its range should you wish to.

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